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Mask Produced İn SAU İs On Sale
Mask produced in SAU is on Sale

Mask produced in SAU is on Sale

Head of Gastroenterological Surgery Department of Sakarya University General Surgery Department. Dr. The domestic, washable and replaceable filter mask with 96.7 percent protection produced by Kerem Karaman started sales after the production phase.

96.7 percent protection rate

Stating that the protection rate of the 3-layer cloth mask consisting of 60 percent cotton on the outer surface and 40 percent polyester on the inner surface is 96.7 percent, Prof. Dr. Karaman said, “There are various masks in the market, from petroleum-derived plastic masks to paper and napkin masks and cloth masks. The important thing is that the mask can fit on the face and allow the person to breathe comfortably. And most of all, it has a protective feature. Generally, N95-derived masks provide over 95 percent protection, and our goal here was to develop a type of mask that we can use not only for daily life but also in the hospital environment. For this, we have undergone various tests, various formulations have been tried and finally we have revealed our mask, which we call today's K-MASK. The feature of our mask is that it is made of 3 layers of cloth fabric, the surface inside consists of 100 percent cotton fabric. Its outer surface consists of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. Previously, in our first trials, we made 3 layers of 100 percent cotton fabric, but we could not reach the 90 percent protection level. Therefore, as a result of trials and tests in this way, we have produced our cloth mask, whose protection is 96.7 percent before washing and over 95 percent after 5 washes. In this way, we have maximized the level of protection on our mask, ”he said.