Ana Sayfa
Energy & Climate Change
Electricity Usage Per Year (in Kilowatt Hour)

Electricity Usage per Year (in Kilowatt hour)

The total electricity usage of Sakara University  in 2020 is 1740571,4  kWh. On the all buildings and campuses of Sakarya University electricity is used for lighting, cooling, heating and laboratory appliances.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, all schools across the country were closed and students were not on campus. The campus population decreased from approximately 45 thousand to 3750. In this way, energy consumption has been reduced as normal.

In addition, we used energy efficient lighting on the campus during this condition. Energy consumption has decreased in line with both the low campus population and the work we have done. During the pandemic, we tried to use the empty campus as an opportunity and built buildings suitable for efficient daylight. In this way, we consume less energy compared to previous years.

The comparison of years shows that use of energy efficient appliances enabled a significant decrease in the electricity usage per month and also the grand total has been decreased according to 2019.