Ana Sayfa
Program To Reduce The Use of Paper and Plastic On Campus

Program to Reduce the Use of Paper and Plastic on Campus

Four programs are implemented in order to reduce the use of paper and plastic by Sakarya University.

The first of these is the Electronic Document Management System, which enables all official correspondence to be made completely electronically without printing. This program ensures that correspondence, which holds thousands of pages per year, is stored electronically safely and efficiently and accessed when necessary.

The second application is a two-way printing policy. All academic and administrative staff are encouraged to make two-way printouts and it is aimed to save 50% paper.

The third program is to reduce the number of printers and direct those who need it to a common printer in order to print out only when necessary. In addition, output quota is applied for all administrative and academic staff and statistics are monitored by senior management.

Finally, Sakarya University aims to reduce the use of disposable products. For this purpose, glass cups and porcelain plates are served in all catering centers of the university, thus preventing the use of paper and plastic cups.