Ana Sayfa
Energy & Climate Change
Renewable Energy Sources İn Campus

Renewable Energy Sources in Campus

1.On roofs of administration building, library, laboratory building, school factories and other teaching buildings and dormitories, solar PV power station of total 175000 KWH is installed.

2.Solar lighting on campus

3.Solar street lamps on campus

4.Wind turbine power is 7600 KWH in Energy Technologies Laboratory.

Sakarya University cares about the use of renewable energy sources. In this context, our university makes more than one application.

We are trying to use the Sun, the world's largest energy source, extremely efficiently. For this purpose, we have placed solar energy panels on the roofs of the faculties. In this way, we meet the energy needs of the faculty and campus by storing the energy from the sun. In addition, we use lighting with solar panels on campus roads and ornamental plants for lighting and solar street lamps in the campus. In addition, by placing solar panels on the renewed street lighting, we illuminate our campus at night with these lamps, thanks to the energy obtained from sunlight. These solar lamps are totally equipped with solar panels and LEDs.