Ana Sayfa
Water Conservation Program Implementation

Water Conservation Program Implementation

All buildings of Sakarya University have a separated sewerage system, for waste water and for clean water (rainwater). Rain water is thus collected from the roofs of the buildings and is then discharged into the water channels around the buildings.

There is also en extended project which is now in preparation. The feasibility studies have been done and several academic papers have been published by the experience gained through the feasibility processes. This study aims to investigate the potential of rainwater collected from the building roofs for irrigation of green areas located within the campus of Sakarya University. For this purpose, due to large area and location difference of the buildings, campus area is divided into 8 regions. In each zone, building roof area was calculated and amounts of rainwater to be collected from each building are evaluated by using average annual rainfall data obtained from Sakarya Region Directorate of Turkish State Meteorological Service. In addition, the area of green land and amount of required rainwater was calculated in each region to determine how much of irrigation need will meet by collected rainwater.

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