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Number of Events Related To Sustainability

Number of Events Related to Sustainability

Total number of sustainability/environment related events in:

2017/2018: 15

2018/2019: 32

2019/2020: 94

A total average per annum over the last 3 years of 47 events (e.g. conferences, workshops, awareness raising, practical training, etc.).

Sakarya University Faculty of Engineering students produced an electric vehicle for two people that can reach 80 kilometers per hour with the engine they developed using only composite materials.

Sakarya University Energy Technologies Community (SETT) students have produced an environmentally friendly electric vehicle called “Generation V3”. In order to reduce the effects of various gases and wastes emitted to nature as a result of the combustion of petroleum and petroleum-derived fuels on the ecosystem, the trend towards alternative energy sources has gained great momentum in recent years.

Seminar series on environmental legislation were held at Sakarya University. Also student communities prepare shows, hiking and trekking activities, seminars and conferences by inviting expert from industry to create awareness on sustainability. Seminars on waste classification and disposal and initiatives for waste gathering are held continuously by several student comunities and faculties during the year.